How to Install a Wig in just 4 easy steps

How to Install a Wig in just 4 easy steps

The body wave bundles are one of the most popular black women's hairstyles because they enhance your attractiveness. Your hair looks like a deep S shape when braided into a body wave, and the original body wave also provides the hair a lustrous appearance and different feelings. This post will tell you how to put your body wave human hair wigs on and how to style them.

Step 1: Preparation of your Hair

Preparation is essential in any step procedure. As long as your hair is correctly prepped, wigs may be a terrific good style that keeps keeping your hair hidden, supporting length and growth maintenance. Before braiding your hair back, make sure it's fully detangled, washed, and moisturized — try taking treatment for deep conditioning on your wig wash day to make sure it's completely hydrated.

Step 2: Use A Stocking Cap

A stocking cap is just what it looks like: a head cap composed of stocking material that defends your hair from any gel or adhesive thing used to keep the wig in place. If you can't find one that matches your skin tone, use a fair-colored cap and tint it with the foundation to suit your skin color. Put on the cap, ensuring sure it covers your hairline a little. Pulling the stocking cap all the way down over your ears and cutting holes for your ears is an alternative approach.

Then, by spraying any freeze spray for wigs along the perimeter of the cap where it rests on top of your hairline, melt the cap. Cut the wig cap along the hairline once the spray is dry (approximately five minutes — if you cannot wait then use a blowdryer).

Step 3: Time to Apply The Wig

It's time to put the wig on after you've secured your stocking hat. This stage can be challenging but paying attention to detail and keeping a steady hand can help you out. Put the wig on with the lace section sitting directly on top of your hairline, making sure the adhesive glue is dry and feels tacky to touch. Before cutting the lace off, position it in a way that appears natural (according to your hairline) and feels easy, then bind it with the wig strip or elastic band. To replicate the irregularities of the real hairline, cut the lace off the wig gently and in jagged motions, using tiny nail scissors.

Step 4: Style the wig

Now comes the exciting part: styling. To make the most of your time, style the remainder of your hair while the elastic band is still knotted around your hairline. To understand the requirements of heat that can be applied on hair, just read the instructions that come with your wig.

You will end up with an entirely different style than you begin with after some styling, combing, curling, and even straightening if desired. The great beauty of wigs is that you may wear a jaw-length bob one day or look like a lengthy mermaid wave the next.