All about Custom Woven Labels

All about Custom Woven Labels

Woven labels are the perfect form of advertisement for clothing brands. They give products and identity; by looking at the item, you can tell the manufacturer or brand. The piece of woven fabric is functional and attractive, and you can customize it to your liking. The labels have a traditional look, but the custom woven labels designed and sold on Alibaba stand out. All kinds of clothes can have labels but with varying displays. They may have writings, letter signs, or drawings. This post expounds on custom woven labels.

Everything to know on custom woven labels

Do you have a clothing brand, and you want quality woven labels inscribed in various parts? That is a game-changing move because labels make your brand recognizable. The buyers of your products can remember that they acquired the fabric or attire from you, provided they use your products. But here is the thing: do you know what these custom woven labels are all about. Keep it here!

What are custom woven labels?

They are pieces of custom woven materials graphically designed to stick on a product. Depending on the designer, they can be on top or inside a garment. Products like hoodies have thick letter labels sewn on the top side. Shirts, dresses, skirts, etc., have woven labels inside where only the buyer can identify them. The common materials for these labels are cotton and wool.

Categories of custom woven labels

Your brand influences your choice of woven labels, whether custom or mass-produced. Brands have varying specifications, so a company's woven labels can differ from another. A brand must know the look and feel it's going for because each woven label category gives different results.

Satin labels

Satin is known for its luxurious look. It's shiny and soft with a smooth feel. Unlike other fabrics, satin never loses its luster. Despite all the beauty, manufacturers use it on limited garments or materials. Satin is too soft, so the ability to add as many design details or text is minimal. These labels are used mainly in high-end fabrics requiring extra care or baby clothes. They are more inexpensive than other woven labels.

Taffeta labels

Designers use taffeta for bold text, writings, or images. More minor details don't work or look good on this fabric. Tafetta labels lack the rich appearance that silk labels possess. For this reason, you can never find these labels on high-end clothing. On the flip side, these labels are durable because of the tight weaving. They are also the cheapest in the market and are often found in mass-produced garments.

Damask labels

These labels are the opposite of taffeta labels. They work well with finer texts and images; hence they are the most common in clothes. They are durable and give more clarity due to the fine yarns used.


Generally, custom woven labels work pretty well. All you need to know is your brand's end goal. They have a soft feel and work with different forms of images, writings, or numbers. They help people distinguish your brand, whether on or inside the garment. Custom woven labels are even better for businesses to enhance recognition.